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Bike Navigation |  自行车导航

2017 February

Final Major Project - 毕设项目之一

Cyclists’ health and security issues have become a significant concern about the road safety agenda in the urban area. At the same time, London is the busiest tourist district in the UK and promoting the cyclist-friendly scheme. How can product design improve the cycling safety factors and experience for tourists in central London?


What can be done to attract more visitors to take part in cycling? Even though the Boris Bikes are easy for tourists to access, the road-guidance information for cyclists is lacking and unclear. The barriers they will meet, or the reasons they will choose not to cycle, can be summarised: the international visitor's confusion about the left-right side of the road; fear of the heavy traffic; and getting lost and with no protection.  Better guidance leads to a clearer mind on the road. The current media from which cyclists can get directions are portable devices, physical maps and the guide in the bike dock. Because of distracted biking, I consider wearing a headphone and listening to Google maps is a bad idea. It might cause the cyclist to misjudge an approaching vehicle. 


My design is a GPS bike navigator with a laser projector for London tourists. First, tourists can access the sightseen map, without using their data allowance. Second, the safety issue. The direction indicates on the screen and project on the floor. Third, promoting green travel and sustainable tourism.





为了解决这些问题,我把产品定位在租赁自行车行,可供租用的自行车导航仪。它有以下亮点:1. 自带GPS 导航,涵盖了大部分景点和自行车能够到达的小众地点。2. 在选定地点以后,自动规划路线并屏幕上提示每个转弯的方方位和距离。之所以这样安排,是为了减少旅客在路上时即将面对分叉口的不知所措。3. 方位也投影至地面,在天黑时骑行时,一来可以直视前方的路线避免低头,二来对来车和路人有提醒作用。并且亮度可以通过滑动调节。


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